About You

This page is going to be ‘About YOU’ instead of the usual ‘About Me’ because well, you’re here to see how I can help YOU, yes?


You need a voice talent, and one who “gets it”. Quick delivery, remote connectivity, professional quality audio - all that all goes without saying! But wouldn’t it be great to keep it light and have a pleasant experience from start to finish too? 


Your business flourishes when you shine for your clients, and the desire to help you reach that goal - while alleviating some stress that comes along with that - comes naturally to me. How nice to know there are still people who genuinely care about YOU! Please feel free to reach out to me here to chat about your next project.


Whether you need to revive and refresh some tired corporate training videos, need an energetic product explainer or whiteboard video, a conversational mom-next-door commercial voiceover, or an updated phone messaging system, your mind can be put at ease.